Let Muslin Hall Garage clean your engine and improve mpg

Muslin Hall Garage are delighted to offer Hy-Carbon engine cleaning to their customers. The engine of your car, just through normal use, will gradually lose performance and mpg just through the build up of carbon. By cleaning your engine on a regular basis, you can improve the mpg, improve performance, reduce the effects of pollution that your car causes and save you money.

So what is Hy-Carbon engine cleaning. It’s the combustion process, inside your engine, that is responsible for producing soot deposits in cylinders, pistons, particle filters, EGR valves and turbos.

Clogged parts prevent the engine from functioning properly. If carbon deposits (soot) are not removed regularly, faults can occur and the costs can soon mount up (expect around £350 per EGR valve and up to £2,000 for a turbo…).

  • Difficulties starting the engine?
  • Decreased engine performance?
  • Increased consumption?
  • Dashboard lights lit?
  • Issues passing the MOT (pollutants)?
  • What’s responsible in more than 75% of cases?
    A clogged engine.

How can Muslin Hall’s Hy-Carbon station help?

Certified by the Ministry of Transport and Bureaux Veritas, the Hy-Carbon technology offers a unique and patented solution to engine clogging.

Originating from the industrial world and recognised by the press for its reliability, Hy-Carbon removes carbon deposits from deep inside engines by injecting hydrogen into the intake manifold.

The passage of this hydrogen through the engine ensures the regeneration of all its components. Once regenerated, the engine rediscovers its torque, faults are corrected and pollutants are reduced by more than half.

Why choose carbon cleaning with hydrogen over chemical additives?

Hydrogen carbon cleaning is the result of the development of a natural phenomenon – the enrichment of the air/fuel mixture within your combustion engine.

This process is effective and non-aggressive as it doesn’t introduce any corrosive chemical products into your engine.

The carbon deposits are simply dissolved in the engine and are expelled naturally with the exhaust fumes which are collected in a filter designed for this purpose.

A Hy-Carbon engine clean is available from £40, when part of a regular service and is also available as a while-you-wait option.  Call Steven and his team today to see the effect an engine clean can have on your car.

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